What is a city or town?

In North Carolina , cities, towns and villages are incorporated municipalities. An incorporated municipality means the North Carolina General Assembly (or, in a few cases, a former state agency known as the Municipal Board of Control, has granted a charter authorizing the establishment of a municipal corporation (government) and outlining the powers, authority and responsibilities of the municipal government. Some of these are specified in the charter and some are authorized by state statutes.

The charter designates whether a municipality will be known as a city, a town or a village. There is no legal difference in the designations. It is a matter of the preferences of the residents. There are cities of 1,000 residents, and towns with populations greater than 100,000.

There are 548 municipalities in North Carolina and 100 counties - these are the general purpose local governments. In addition, there are some special districts providing particular services such as water and sewer services. Throughout the state, there are many unincorporated areas or communities, but these are not towns, cities or villages.

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North Carolina League of Municipalities - Raleigh , NC  The North Carolina League of Municipalities is a nonpartisan association of municipalities in North Carolina. The mission of the League is to enhance the quality of life in municipalities through excellent municipal governance.

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