Fine art ceramics

Ceramics and ceramic art in the art community means artwork created out of clay bodies and fired to form a ceramic object. Some ceramic pieces are referred to as fine art, while many others can be classified as one of the decorative, industrial or applied. The recognition of a particular pottery piece as a "work of art" is not always apparent. Ceramic art typically, but not always, was intended by the maker as art. It may have a signature, artists name or brand name stamp on the bottom. Ceramic art can be either produced by an artesian or in a factory that employs artists to design, produce or decorate the ware.

Traditionally, ceramic art were prepared by shaping the clay body, a clay rich mixture of various minerals, into the desired shapes before being subjected to high temperatures in a kiln. However ceramics now refers to a very diverse group of materials which, while all are fired to high temperature, may not have been shaped from material containing any clay.