The art of dance and the sport of gymnastics are comparable to each other, but have their differences. Dance is a presentation of the human body expressing a choreographed routine of leaps, turns, jumps, and series of fluid movements to music. Gymnastics is a competitive sport developed from physical exercise and designed to demonstrate ones strength, balance, flexibility, and body control. Dance is a form of art while gymnastics only shows artistic ability in certain events. Gymnastics and dance have many similarities. They both require much flexibility in order to perform the difficult movements. Also, much endurance is needed for long intense routines the dancers and gymnasts perform. Grace and fluidity is very important during a dance performance and also during a gymnasts floor exercise and balance beam routine. A dancers performance and a gymnasts floor exercise routine are both performed to a piece of music of their choice. The choreographed routine and the music usually reflect their personalities. Gymnastics and dance do have their differences though. For instance, a dance routine usually has meaning and tells a story for the audiences enjoyment. A gymnastics routine is performed for the sole purpose of a score given by the judges.

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Dance Upstairs Academy of Performing Arts - Elkin, NCAt Dance Upstairs Academy of Performing Arts we offer Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Clogging, Hip-Hop, Tumbling, and Martial Arts Classes. Our combination classes are: Ballet/Tap & Jazz/Hip-Hop We also offer: Tumbling, Martial Arts, and Clogging!

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