Agricultural Fairs in North Carolina

North Carolina has been home to many agricultural fairs over the years. The first North Carolina State Fair operated in 1853! Agricultural fairs have changed since the 1800s, but only to get bigger and better. Today, fairs are thriving with attendance at an all time high, their growth is assured well into the foreseeable future. As long as there is talented individuals with pride in farming and agriculture, animal husbandry, education, the environment, and lots of astonishing things that make North Carolina a great and wonderful state, there will always be fairs. As long as there is pride in our children, our cultural heritage, our agricultural history and optimistic future, there will always be fairs in North Carolina.

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 NC Association of Agricultural Fairs
 Raleigh NC  27658 Tel: 919-877-9392

NC Association of Agricultural Fairs - Raleigh , NC The North Carolina Association of Agricultural Fairs members are the community, county, regional, and state fairs across North Carolina. To become a member, a fair must be certified by the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and meet the requirements as stated in the Association By-laws. Associate Members are companies or individuals which provide services to the Fair Industry.

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 Dixie Classic Fair
421 W. 27th Street Winston-Salem NC  27109 Tel: 336-727-2236
Drive 45.04 Miles  -  0:52 minutes from historic downtown Elkin, NC

The Dixie Classic Fair is the second largest agricultural Fair in North Carolina, with attendance that averages 325,000 visitors each year. It is owned and operated by the City of Winston-Salem after being donated to the City by the Winston-Salem Foundation in December 1969.

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D Street/Business 421 North Wilkesboro NC 28659 Tel: 336-667-3552
Travel 20.4 miles  -  0:35 minutes from downtown Elkin, North Carolina

Because of the special efforts from the North Wilkesboro Rotary Club membership, those living in Wilkes County and residents of surrounding North Carolina counties are able to enjoy a popular autumn event, the Wilkes County Agricultural Fair.

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 Alleghany County Agricultural Fair 
1545 Hwy 21 North Sparta NC  28675 Tel: 336-372-5597
Travel 27.5 miles  -  0:40 minutes from downtown Elkin, North Carolina

Alleghany County Agricultural Fair

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 Surry County Agricultural Fair 
691 W. Lebanon Street Mt. Airy NC  27030 Tel: 336-786-2236
Travel 31.06 miles  -  0:37 minutes from downtown Elkin, North Carolina

Surry County Agricultural Fair

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