The Most Exhilarating Seconds of Your Life.

Skydiving enthusiasts will be delighted to tell you that there is nothing like leaving the airplane, freefalling, and then coming to ground softly under the canopy of multi-colored parachute. If the scenery below happens to be the Blue Ridge Mountains or the glorious wine region of the Yadkin Valley, so much the better.

Many tourists and first-time thrill seekers have this experience, by skydiving in tandem with an experienced instructor. This is an excellent choice for newcomers to safely experience this incredible sport. Northwestern North Carolina has become a desired destination in the skydiving world.

Those who find a quality skydiving outfit will find forthcoming and professional staff who are prepared to answer questions about the sport and clear up any qualms and fears long before the student gets on a plane. Most of these experts have thousands of jumps on their skydiving logs and, best of all, they are willing to share their knowledge and experience with beginners.

While there is always a focus on the thrill of skydiving, rest assured no jumping will take place before the instructors are quite sure the beginner understands the rules and guidelines of jumping safely. In addition, the professionals will make sure that each skydiver has the proper jumpsuit, helmet, goggles and so on, before the first person leaves the aircraft.

If you are new to skydiving your will soon be on their way to an unsurpassed thrill. If youre on a tandem dive, the free fall, about one minute, may be the most exhilarating seconds of your life.

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 Carolina Skydiving
3133 Swan Creek Road Jonesville NC 28642 Tel: 336-835-5955
Drive 3.5 Miles  -  0:11 minutes from historic downtown Elkin, NC

Carolina Skydiving - Jonesville  , NCImagine flying 10,000 feet over the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Looking down only to see the local vineyards and rolling foothills of the Yadkin Valley. To some this may sound like a dream but to us, its a way of life. At Carolina Skydiving we specialize in first time tandem skydiving. Our professional staff has combined for nearly 30,000 jumps and over 100 years of skydiving experience, making us the premiere skydiving and student training facility for North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Carolina Skydiving is a United States Parachute Association (USPA) affiliated skydiving center and your safety is our #1 priority.

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1903 King Air Drive  Chester SC  29706  Tel: 803-581-5867
Travel 122.35 miles  -  2:06 hours from downtown Elkin, North Carolina

Skydive Carolina!  - Chester , SC The goal of Skydive Carolina is to provide the very best adventure experience combining the highest level of safety, education and customer service to all who visit our dropzone. The purpose of the business is to provide an atmosphere not just for the skydiver, but for the entire family and be involved with the community.

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6966 NC 56 Hwy Franklinton NC 27525 Tel: 919-496-2224
Travel 156.32 miles  -  2:49 hours from downtown Elkin, North Carolina

Carolina Sky Sports - Franklinton  , NCCarolina Sky Sports is one of the largest dropzones on the East Coast, located approximately 30 minutes from Raleigh, NC. Our experienced instructors, professional staff, amazing facilities and unsurpassed fleet of aircraft make us a home away from home for many jumpers. We welcome jumpers of all levels, whether it is your first tandem or 1500th jump, the sky is the limit and we want to help you reach your goals!

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Doc Brown Road Raeford NC  28376  Tel: 910-904-0000
Travel 164.55 miles  -  3:03 hours from downtown Elkin, North Carolina

Raeford Parachute Center  - Raeford , NC Raeford Parachute Center School was started in 1968 with no building facilities, a dirt strip runway and a Cessna 182 aircraft. With over 35 years of history and experience our goal is to introduce the sport of skydiving to those interested in a "taste" of freefall to training the experienced jumper into becoming a skydiving competitor through our coaching programs.

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