Elkin is at the heart of Yadkin Valley viticulture.

When you think of viticulture, Napa Valley wineries and California vineyards are, of course, the places that jump to mind. But long before Napa Valley was the center of wine culture the nation's wine industry began with the muscadine grape in North Carolina wineries over a hundred years ago. Today, the rolling foothills of the Yadkin Valley are home to some of the most scenic and fruitful vineyards in the country. Including Shelton vineyards and Childress vineyards located in the Yadkin Valley wine country.

The rich soil, rolling hills, and moderate climate create ideal conditions for growing grapes rich and robust in flavor. The continued emergence of small vineyards and winery projects across the state is breathing new life in the area's travel and tourism industry. Although early in its development, the Yadkin Valley is poised to become an internationally recognized region for world-class wines.

The Yadkin Valley is home to more than a dozen thriving wineries and small vineyards, many of them now producing celebrated vintages. Because most are small they usually attract fewer visitors and provide more access to the vintners themselves. That makes for a great chance to try some new wines and to learn about the winemaking process. Combine this with the Yadkin Valley's active outdoor activities and charming yet affordable turn-of-the-century bed and breakfasts, and you have the makings of a great wine country family vacation.

North Carolina's first American Viticultural Area

For decades, the Yadkin Valley was a key tobacco-growing region. However, as tobacco farming and cigarette manufacturing in the area declined, some growers, including tobacco farmers, have turned to wine-making. The native grapes of this region of the southeastern United States are the Muscadine and the Scuppernong. Early attempts to grow the European wine grape, Vitis vinifera, in the southeastern United States, including 18th century efforts by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello, Virginia, had mixed success. But in the past two to three decades, viticultural research has helped adapt these grapes to the climate, soil, and pests of the region. Today, the 1.4 million‐acre Yadkin Valley, just west of Winston‐Salem, is home to exquisite vineyards and wineries and was approved as North Carolina's first American Viticultural Area (AVA). The Yadkin Valley designation appears on bottles when wine is made from 85 percent grapes grown in this region. The majority of wineries offer tours and tastings.

North Carolina ranked #10 in both grape production and wine production.

North Carolina has more than doubled the amount of land used to grow grapes to 1,300 acres since 2000, enabling the state to become the 10th largest producer of both grapes and wine in the United States.

A report released in January 2007 by our department indicates that North Carolina is now home to 350 vineyards and more than 70 wineries in 30+ counties. Statewide, the wine and grape industries account for more than 5,700 jobs with an associated payroll north of $159 million.

Winery revenue totaled more than $48 million in 2005, while vineyard revenue topped $3.7 million. The retail value of North Carolina wine in 2005 was an estimated $72.3 million. State and local tax revenue generated by North Carolina-produced wine, grapes and related industries paid approximately $38.5 million, compared to $56.2 million in federal taxes. All in all, our department estimates the total economic impact of the wine and grape industry in North Carolina in 2005 to be as much as $813 million.

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 Elkin Creek Vineyard & Winery
318 Elkin Creek Mill Road Elkin NC 28621 Tel: (336) 526-5119
Drive 4.26 Miles  -  0:10 minutes from historic downtown Elkin, NC

Elkin Creek Vineyard & Winery  - Elkin , NCElkin Creek Vineyard lies in the foothills of the Yadkin Valley of North Carolina. From the hand-hewn beams of the winery, to the hand-tendered estate vines, you will sense the rhythm of man in harmony with nature. Experience a blend of tradition, passion and nature celebrated by the art of winemaking. Join Elkin Creek Vineyard's Wine Club. Members receive great discount opportunities and are invited to special functions and free wine tastings.

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http://www.elkincreekvineyard.com   Last Updated on 5/31/2014
 Grassy Creek Vineyard & Winery
235 Chatham Cottage Circle State Road NC  28621 Tel: 336-835-2458
Drive 8.02 Miles  -  0:15 minutes from historic downtown Elkin, NC

Grassy Creek Vineyard & Winery - State Road, NC Grassy Creek Vineyard & Winery, draped over the rolling hills north of Elkin, produces fine wines. Our grapes receive the attention and care necessary to insure that the winemaker has the very best the Yadkin Valley has to offer. We offer a wide range of tasting alternatives. Our Grassy Creek wines are the more full-bodied, rich and robust. Our Klondike Farm wines are the sweeter, lighter and fruitier wines and come in the distinctive milk bottles that hearken back to the old Klondike Dairy that once occupied the land.

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http://www.grassycreekvineyard.com   Last Updated on 5/31/2014
 McRitchie Winery and Ciderworks
315 Thurmond Rd Thurmond NC  28683 Tel: 336-874-3003
Drive 8.99 Miles  -  0:16 minutes from historic downtown Elkin, NC

McRitchie Winery and Ciderworks - Thurmond , NC Nestled on nearly 30 acres in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains deep in the heart of the Yadkin Valley, we are a family-owned and operated winery and vineyard specializing in small lots of award-winning artisan wines and hard ciders. Our wines and ciders can be found at retailers of fine wines throughout North Carolina. Join our Wine Club. Four shipments of wine each year; members-only wine tasting events and receive a 10% discount on wine and tasting room items.

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http://www.mcritchiewine.com   Last Updated on 5/31/2014
 RagApple Lassie Vineyard
3724 RagApple Lassie Lane Boonville NC  27011 Tel: 866-RAGAPPLE
Drive 9.72 Miles  -  0:17 minutes from historic downtown Elkin, NC

RagApple Lassie Vineyard - Boonville , NC The Yadkin Valley wine region offers some of the finest, full-bodied, appealing wine grapes grown on the Eastern Seaboard. Wine tours are "on demand," noon to 6 p.m. daily. Tastings are available at the same time and include up to 11 varieties of fine wine. Join RagApple Lassie Vineyards Wine Club. Member benefits include discounts on all case purchases; invitation to Members Only Annual Barrel Sampling of new wines; advance opportunity to reserve new release wines and free wine tastings at any time.

Total Visit - 5320  |  Visit Today - 3  |  Average Visit Per Day - 0 
http://www.ragapplelassie.com   Last Updated on 5/31/2014

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913 North Bridge Street Elkin NC 28621  Tel: 336-835-2700
Travel 1 mile  -  0:02 minutes from downtown Elkin, North Carolina

Slightly Askew Winery - Elkin, NCNot your typical Winery, a slightly different Yadkin Valley Winery, offering wine produced from local juices, as well as, juices from some of the best wine regions around the world. We offer a large selection of fruit wines for the sweet wine lovers along with Dry and Semi-dry Reds and Whites for the dry wine lovers. A unique twist on Slightly Askew if you taste a wine you really like, you can purchase a bottle or you can purchase all of the accessories necessary to produce that wine (or similar) in your own home.

Total Visit - 4165  |  Visit Today - 3  |  Average Visit Per Day - 1 
http://www.slightlyaskewwines.com   Last Updated on 5/30/2014

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